Apple Strudel Step by Step

On Thursday in Baking class, we also learned how to make apple strudel.  Check out the steps for making apple strudel; thanks to “Group 1” in class for being my models!


1.  Gather your group.  Line up on either side of the table, take the dough out of the bowl and start to stretch it out.


2.  Continue stretching your dough.  It needs to be as big or close to as big as the table.


Look how much bigger it got!


3.  When the dough has reached sufficient size, sprinkle the filling on the inside.


4. Roll up the strudel, using a table cloth.  The dough is so thin at this point that it would be impossible to pick up by hand without breaking it.


5. Bake and enjoy!


It looks like a snake!


Off to enjoy some hiking with an old friend.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures of strudel production; they were fun to make in class!


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