Greek Food, Tacos and An Extra Hour of Sleep.

Avi & Natasha, hummus masters.

So, I finally caved and got an iPhone about a month ago.  I was very anti-iPhone, I don’t need that, why would I want the internet everywhere with me, it’s so expensive. Well, it’s probably still all of those things, but I have become very accustom to life with an iPhone.  It’s got a ton of great features on it, one of my favorites being that you can set an alarm to ring on specific days only.  That way, I don’t have to set an alarm every day.  This last week was a five day week at school, which meant Friday classes.  I think we all know what’s coming here.

Stuffed zucchini with mozzarella and tomato sauce

I woke up on Friday morning, noticing that the light outside my window looked a lot like the light does when I arrive at school, not when I wake up.  I grabbed my trusty phone which cheerful lit up and displayed 5:38.  Yep, right when I usually arrive at school.  I will say that I have never gotten ready faster in my life than I did on Friday  morning.  I was in the car, putting it in reverse at 5:45.  Seven minutes ain’t too shabby.  My chef was not mad and really didn’t seem to care too much that I was about 15 minutes late.  We’re in the final days of class and everyone’s caring level has decreased significantly.  The only thing that really sucked was not being able to eat any breakfast.  My half eaten Cliff Bar in my purse was highly unsatisfactory.


An extra hour of sleep would have been nice, if I hadn’t woken up in such a panic.  Oh well.  That’s the first time I’ve overslept, so I’m going to cut myself some slack.  It was Greek Day in International Cuisine on Friday and it is one of few days where I filled my plate and finished nearly everything I ate.  Mediterranean food is my kind of food.  Olive oil instead of butter, lots of vegetables and hummus.  I could eat an entire container of hummus in one sitting.

Buffet action

On Thursday, pre-oversleep, my friend Rob took us to Pinche Tacos, a little hole in the wall place in Denver that had unique tacos and an entire wall of tequila varieties.  Sign me up!  We all got Palomas, a drink that has grapefruit juice, lime juice, agave nectar,  tequila and Squirt with a salted rim.  When was the last time you had Squirt?  A perfect drink for a warm Spring day.

Lengua and queso tacos.

I also got these two tacos: Lengua and Queso.  The lengua taco was beef tongue, with avocado, red onion, cilantro, roasted tomatillo salsa and guajillo honey mayo.  The tongue may sound weird, but honestly, if I hadn’t read the menu description, I wouldn’t have know it was tongue.  The cojito cheese taco was simple, yet good eats.  What’s not to love about fried cheese?  Definitely a cool place and very reasonably priced.  Only four more days of school left!


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