Bittersweet Beginning

The Crew

I am at a loss for words as to accurately describe my feelings of completing my culinary labs.  It’s not really labs that I’ll miss, but my friends.  The above six people are who I spent the last 8 months with, for multiple hours a day, cooking, bickering, laughing and going through tough times with.  We started on September 6th of last year, not really knowing each other and at the beginning of something that was probably harder than we all thought it would be.  And on Saturday, May 19th, I walked down through campus of JWU, drenched from rain, freezing cold, but with these people.

Hey graduates!

Only three of my friends are remaining in Colorado, and the others are off to all parts of the US, starting they’re grand adventure in kitchens.  What wonderful opportunities they have, but I will miss them very much.  Now I have really good excuses to go to the Midwest, Pacific Northwest and the East Coast.

The entire class of the last quarter


A truly phenomenal family, who braved the rain and cold to watch me walk across stage.  Thanks to Ellen, for understanding my even more grandma-ish tendencies of falling asleep too early and to my parents who listened to me talk on and on about school and all the food I was cooking.  Not that me talking about food is anything new, but it’s frequency increased.  Thanks to my bother who yelled, “Sarah!  Cook me something!” as the ceremony finished up and for coming out to Colorado to hang out with us.



Thanks to this guy for being the day’s photographer.  Thanks for waking up at 4 am every day too, because my alarm would wake both of us up; for dealing with my emotional, exhausted melt downs through out school and never letting me doubt my decision to go to school, or my ability to cook.  This year would not have been possible without you!

I’ll see some of my friends tonight for the last time, and then we’re off!  My Aunt Wendy gave me a card when I got my BA a few years ago and the front said, “Go, forth and set the world on fire.”  I hope all of us to go forth and set the world on fire and do great things with ourselves.  I also hope we take time to remember each other, and the experiences we shared.  I love you all!



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