Quiche I Didn’t Hate

I’ve been running every day this week (No school!) and when I run a lot, I crave eggs. That, coupled with the free time I have over the next couple of weeks has made me want to cook more. You’d think that going to school would mean I cook a lot at home. Not so. Try cooking for six hours and then coming home and doing it again, after you finish your homework that was about cooking. Frozen pizza it is!


I don’t know that you could really call what I made quiche. Maybe more like egg pie or savory custard pie. I really bastardized this recipe to make it something that I wanted to eat. The ratio is right, 2 parts milk (Milk is a loose term here, since I did 50/50 cow’s milk and almond milk) to 1 part eggs, but it stops there. I didn’t make my own crust, which is super lazy, and none of the ingredients were traditional. They were sort of a hodge-podge of leftovers from the fridge: 1 grated zucchini, a third of a cylinder of paprika goat cheese and a handful of sharp cheddar. All very random, but the final product turned out pretty tasty.


This quiche did not come without hiccups. First, when I pulled my blind baked crust out to look at it, there was a big crack right in the center of it and since I was lazy, I didn’t have any extra dough to patch it. Culinary karma’s a bitch. So, I sprinkled some grated cheddar cheese on the crack, put it back in the oven and melted it. Then, I had the brilliant idea to leave the crust on the oven rack and pour the filling in, that way I didn’t spill. That would have been great, except for I had pulled the oven rack so far out, that it was a little stuck and needed a good push to get it back into place. Scraping egg off the bottom of the oven is just as fun as it sounds.



Despite all this, the quiche turned out nicely. The cheese patch did work, just in case you’re ever in a similar situation. Just another reason cheese is so great! One of the benefits to making the quiche so thin was that it only needed to cook for an hour. It tasted much lighter than traditional quiche, and had some vegetables in it, something I have been sorely lacking in lately. It was kind of the consistency of a fritatta; maybe this is fritatta pie then? It’s nice to have free time and cook. I cooked again today and it was just glorious. I haven’t felt this relaxed since I started school.




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