Weekend Eats

It has been a very, very long time since I cooked a meal like this one:

Slow roasted pulled pork, coleslaw and English Muffin bread, a team effort by my friend and I.  My friend just got a new Le Cruset dutch oven, so we had to take it on its maiden voyage.  Pulled pork actually turned out to be a great idea because the weather turned all blustery and rainy on Saturday here.  Perfect evening for comfort food!

New pot in action!  We sautéed some carrots, celery and onion first and then took them out of the pan.  Then, we seared a boneless pork shoulder, put the vegetables back in, added a little water and let the shoulder roast at 300° for three hours.  This entire process started giving me nightmares about my Traditional European Cuisine class at school.  This is basically what we did for nine days straight: slow roast huge, tough pieces of meat.  After the pork came out, we shredded it with two forks and added our barbecue sauce.  Super easy and delicious too!  The pork practically falls apart by itself when it roasts for that long.

The English Muffin bread that my friend made is incredibly addictive.  It’s a yeast bread that’s made with buttermilk (or regular milk) and I swear to you it tastes nearly identical to an English muffin.  It’s soft, doughy and even has some little nooks and crannys in it like an English muffin.  Her coleslaw was also amazing too.  She used this recipe from good ole Paula Deen, with a few modifications.  She added broccoli instead of bell pepper and white onions instead of green.  The dried cranberries and the almonds are what made this recipe so tasty.  The almonds gave the coleslaw a nice crunch and the cranberries gave it a little chew.  And we made apple crisp to top off our meal!  Not too shabby for a Saturday evening.

I had my first summer peach today, which I was excepting to be sub-par, but was pleasantly surprised by it’s level of sweetness.  It’s no Palisade Peach, but there’s a few months yet until they start coming in.  Summer produce is the best!  I also tried a new fish today, Ono.  It’s also called Wahoo; either way, I enjoyed it.  It’s a firmer fleshed white fish and it’s slightly sweet in taste.  We really enjoyed this for dinner tonight.

It’s been a pretty relaxing weekend here and now it’s back to the old grind.  My internship starts this week!  At least I don’t have to get up at four am and commute to it!


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