Mise en Place.




I really, really wish I was one of those people that ran cold.  You know, one of those people who’s hands are ice cold even when it’s 95 degrees outside?  This could really work to my advantage in my kitchen, because it’s pretty damn hot in there.  Working near a pizza oven that gets over 500 degrees doesn’t do me any favors.  I can’t even handle a t-shirt underneath my jacket; I’m going to stock up on men’s white tank tops tomorrow.  I didn’t even notice how hot I was until the end of the night, because we were so busy!

Aside from having to figure out where to park my car and not pay for it (nearly impossible in Boulder), my internship is going really, really well.  I just finished my first pantry shift tonight and I think it went as well as it could.  Pantry at my internship does salads, soup, pizza and plated desserts.  There’s a lot of prep work involved in pantry; I spent the first two hours of my shift slicing charcuterie and onions.  I continued to run back and forth from the prep area, to the pantry area when we ran out of some things.  The highlight of my night was that I got to make the last plated dessert of the night, chocolate cake with espresso creme anglaise, raspberry coulis, and chocolate almond cake in the center.  They have these cool disks of chocolate that have our restaurant’s name engraved in them, and those garnish the chocolate cake.

Tomorrow is my second pantry shift and the busiest night of the week.  I am really looking forward to seeing our kitchen rock and roll on a busy night!


I have never seen a cherry tree with actual cherries on it until Monday.


Other than my internship, not too much has been going on.  The bf and I picked about three pounds of cherries from his parent’s front yard.  They have three different kinds of cherry trees in their yard!  They also have red delicious and macintosh apples, and a peach tree.  I’m going back this weekend to pick some sweet yellow cherries.

Hello, tiny apple


Sweet red cherries


I”m thinking I’m going to try my hand at some cherry jam.  And probably a pie too.  I’ve never made a fresh cherry pie.  I’m exhausted from all my running around the kitchen.  Off to bed I go!

Interesting flowers







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