Internship by The Numbers.

1 time that I have burned myself.  I don’t need a finger print any ways.

2 times I cut up grapes individually, until I was shown a different way to cut multiple grapes at a time.  Efficiency is the name of the game.

3 times I have still managed to run before work.  I’m glad I have strong legs with all the walking around the kitchen I do.

$17.50 paid for parking on my first day because I couldn’t find anywhere to park.

10 or more times a shift I sharpen my knife.  Or more.

Countless times a day I am introduced to someone new.  Good thing everyone wears a name tag!

10 times (or more) that I have made our walnut salad.  Seriously, every one orders this salad.  I have this one memorized now.

0 times is the number of times I have driven longer than 10 minutes to my internship!  It’s so nice to work and live in the same town again!

1 woman working in the kitchen at night, me.

2 bottles of water I drink in one shift and it’s not enough.  So. Hot.

Once a day I get lost.  It’s like a freaking maze in the back of the hotel.

1.5 hours after my shift is over and still in my chef’s pants.  I’m too exhausted to change out of them.

Tomorrow is my first day off and I’m looking forward to some pool time and my first yoga practice since my surgery!  I think my bum arm is finally ready to practice again!


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