Cherries, Cherries, Cherries

Attempt one: fresh cherry jam

We have an obscene amount of cherries in our possession right now.  I would say we have at least 10 pounds, if not more.  Cherries are about 7.99 per pound at Whole Foods right now; if we would have bought our cherries there, they would have cost over 80 dollars!  I don’t eat as many cherries as I’d like to in the summer, for that very reason that they are so expensive.  But, we have enough cherries to last us quite some time now.  I already have one pound in the freezer and I made one pound into jam.

Gorgeous cherries!

We’ve been going over to the boyfriend’s parent’s house a few times a week and picking cherries.  It’s incredible how much fruit these things produce!  They also have two different kinds of apples trees, a peach tree and concord grape vines.  I foresee a lot of canning and more jam making later this summer!

The boyfriend’s mom bought us a cherry pitter and I spend the better part of two hours pitting cherries on Tuesday evening.  It’s kind of meditative pitting them.  I still haven’t quite finished all the cherries, there’s probably about three pounds left.

I tried for the first time to make cherry jam on Wednesday morning, using sweet red and yellow cherries and sour cherries.  I used this recipe and it was pretty good, although I had to tweak it a bit.  For some reason, my cherries weren’t giving off as much juice as I though they would, so I added a little bit of pomegranate juice to it.  That, combined with the sugar I added made my jam a touch too sweet for my liking.  I also don’t know if I cooked it long enough because the jam is still relatively juicy and not as thick as jam should be.  I’m going to make some more and I might try adding a little pectin to the batch to tighten things up.

Never seen these before, sweet yellow cherries!

It’s been quite the cherry theme in our apartment the last couple weeks.  Steve even found this soft cheese that has cherry flavor!

Yum!  This makes for an excellent turkey sandwich.  It’s almost like a Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich with cranberry sauce on it!  Off to go to yoga!


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