Ass Kicking

Tonight, I walked in the kitchen at 2 and didn’t get a break until after 9 pm.  Every single second of my time was utilized in some way.  This weekend we had two restaurant buy outs, two weddings, and tomorrow is Father’s Day brunch.  Both of those weddings were tonight, by the way.  I wish I would have had time to take pictures because the kitchen was insane.  Literally every single available space that a cutting board could be placed was taken, with a person at every cutting board.  I’ve seen everything from an entire pig laying out on a table, waiting to be fabricated, to one of the pastry girls standing on a stool and flinging hot sugar around trying to make garnishes for cheesecakes tonight.  I lost track of all the things I did in the last two shifts, but here’s a what I can remember.

  • Mise en placed a deconstructed caesar salad yesterday, which included me searching through four different bags of romaine lettuce to find perfect, whole leaves, grating a whole quart container of parmesan cheese…on my microplane, and using the slicer to make thin, crispy croutons out of olive bread.  Let me just say that bread is not meant to be cut on a slicer.
  • Plated tiers for one of the weddings with petit fours and truffles.
  • Plated cheesecakes and carrot cakes for a different wedding.
  • Put together the salad station in pantry.
  • Cleaned the pastry kitchen.
  • Cleaned the pantry kitchen.
  • Peeled chocolate swoops off transfer paper.
  • Forgot how to count, because I counted so many things.
  • Helped prep salads for one of the weddings tonight.
  • Finished salad dressing.

It hurts my brain to think about all this stuff.  I really thought I was losing my mind for a minute there.  The funny thing is, I loved nearly every second of it.  I enjoyed being busy and working my butt off.  I like that every single second I have is occupied and it sure makes the shift go by like the speed of light.  The only thing I was a little annoyed by was that I didn’t really have time to eat.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that if I don’t get to eat when I’m hungry, things get ugly.  I managed to keep hangry-ness to myself though, and get my stuff done.

So, I totally got my ass handed to me the last two days.  We still have Father’s Day brunch and then we’re in the clear!  That is until next weekend, when we have another wedding.  I think we have a wedding every week this summer.  People at my internship are starting to recognize me and call me by name, without looking at my name tag.  Exciting times.!


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