Cherry Pie

Last week, I finally made a cherry pie, which is what I’ve been meaning to do all along with all the cherries we have.   I even made my own pie crust, which is the real reason I wanted to make the pie.  I was out to prove to myself that it’s really not that hard to make pie crust, and that it is infinitely better than store bought crust.

I love streusel topping

Of course, I knew all these things already, it was just a matter of being lazy.  Of course it’s easier to open a box and unwrap a pre-made crust.  But, the taste difference is significant between the two.  Store bought crust does not have that lovely flakey texture that home made does.  By rubbing the bits of butter between my fingers and coating them with flour, I created many layers of butter and flour. After resting in the fridge, and baking, the end result is a tender, feather-light crust that really makes a pie special.

This whole pie is special though, because each component  involved either us or our family.  I hand picked the cherries from the tree they grew on and then I pitted all five cups of cherries for the filling by hand.  I made my own pie crust to envelope the filling.  The streusel topping is the way my mom always tops her apple pies and the way that her grandmother topped pies.  The cherries are from my boyfriend’s parent’s house, which they have lived at for 37 years and planted the cherry trees themselves.  It’s almost as if both sides of our family were involved in the making of this pie!

Yellow cherries!

It doesn’t look exactly like a traditional cherry pie because I used mostly yellow cherries, but it sure tasted good!  If you want to make your own crust, I’d highly suggest Ruhlman’s 3-2-1 Pie crust.  The recipe for the crust, as well as the filling, can be found here.  I just did a half batch for the crust since I wanted a streusel topping, but the lattice crust top looks like fun on his pie.

In other news, Colorado seems to be getting the short end of the stick lately.  There are currently 9 fires burning in this state, one of which is not too far outside of Boulder.  The Flagstaff Fire started yesterday.  It went from this:

To this:

Our record heat and dryness are not helping anything.  I’m hoping for a miraculous shower of rain that will drown all the fires here.  Do a rain dance for us!

This needs to go away.


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