Simple Dinner

The best dinners are the simplest:

I made a lovely, large salad with spinach, red cabbage, artichoke hearts, pickled beets and black olives, with pan seared wahoo fish on the top.  I know there’s a million different kinds of high quality olives, but honestly, my favorite ones are the canned black ones.  My mom used to buy those all the time and I’d always be picking them out of the can while she cooked.  I finished everything off with a squeeze of lemon and some extra virgin olive oil.  There’s nearly every color of the rainbow on that salad!  I’m just missing yellow and blue.  Cabbage is one of my favorite vegetables, which I realize is weird.  It’s so crunchy and adds a nice texture to my salads and I love how deeply purple its color is.

I could eat an entire can of pickled beets in one sitting.

The stand out was the fresh whole wheat focaccia bread I made though.  Of course, I decided to start making bread at 6:30, which meant I didn’t eat it until around 8:30, but whatever.  It’s really hard for me to plan ahead the food I want to eat.

I ate this bread, warm out of the oven, with some Seriously Sharp Cabot cheese.  If you haven’t tried this cheese, you should probably go find it.  It’s one of the sharpest, tangiest and hint of saltiness, cheddars I’ve ever had.  One of my good friends from Vermont introduced me to it a few years ago, and it’s now my favorite cheese.  I used Aubrey’s focaccia bread recipe, and subbed one cup of stone ground whole wheat flour in it.  It was everything bread should be, soft, pillowy and the perfect vehicle for stuffing my face with cheese.

Tomorrow’s the Fourth of July and I’m actually glad that there are no fireworks this year.  Colorado’s been on fire for quite some time and the thought of fireworks makes me anxious.  I’m making barbecued ribs for some friends tomorrow!


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