Playing Host

I really enjoy hosting get togethers and having people over at our apartment.  I’m not one for “creating a theme” or decorating or making fancy, intricate food, but I like having people over and feeding them easy, tasty food.  Our apartment also looks great now!  My mom always said that the best way to clean your house is to invite people over; then you have to clean up.

I got inspired by my Bon Appetit magazine for this months and made some ribs for Fourth of July barbecue.  These ribs were very, very simple and turned out pretty good.  I baked them in the oven last night and then finished them on the grill this evening with barbecue sauce.  Easy peasy.  I also grilled some corn, and my friend brought over coleslaw, cornbread and an amazing strawberry rhubarb cobbler.  I could have only eaten cobbler tonight and been satisfied!  It was only perfected by the scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

RIBS. Very American barbecue.

I was too busy stuffing my face with cobbler to take a picture of it.  Take my word for it that it was phenomenal.  We also got a new margarita mix to try and it’s probably the best marg mixer I’ve used in a while.  Low sugar, short ingredient list and actually tasted like limes, not sugar water.  It’s called Tres Agaves and it’s also organic.  Check it out and see if your liquor store or Whole Foods carries it.

Some was very concerned about all the cleaning going on.

Here’s to the next party at our apartment!  Happy Fourth of July!


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