Good Eating

Mac & Cheese!

I’m find it fascinating how some bloggers take pictures of all the food they eat.  I find it mostly interesting, until they start eating the same thing for breakfast every day.  I don’t need to see pictures of oatmeal every morning; I know what it looks like because eat oatmeal almost every morning for breakfast.  Which leads me to the reason that I could not be a blogger that takes pictures of their food every day.  It would become incredibly boring for me to write about my over night soaked oats that I ate or the peanut butter sandwiches I eat at work.

I did take some pictures of dinner last night and breakfast this morning, mostly because they were out of the ordinary from what I normally eat and they were tasty.  I cook all day long and somehow, when I get home at night, I have no idea what to cook for dinner.  I went grocery shopping for dinner last night and wandered around aimlessly for at least 15 minutes, staring blankly into the seafood display and then moving onto the meat counter.  I must have looked completely looney.

What I came up with is roasted zucchini and mushrooms, shrimp covered with Savory Spice Homestead Seasoning and the mac and cheese pictured above.  Sort of random, but it was tasty.  Reason number two why I couldn’t photograph everything I eat: it takes way to long to take pictures of food, especially if I’m hungry.  I don’t want to waste a second when it comes to starting dinner and my food is getting cold!

I finally deviated away from oats this morning.  They’re portable and filling and thus make a great pre-work breakfast.  Since I did not have to work this morning, I made a very green smoothie and had some sprouted bread with peanut butter. Say what you want about kale in a smoothie, but when you grind it up with a banana, cinnamon and almond milk, you can’t taste it.

I also had my favorite tea, Lady Grey.  It’s from one of my favorite breakfast places, The Huckleberry.  It’s in Louisville and it has one of the best tea menus.  Every time I smell Lady Grey tea, I think about The Huckleberry.  It’s similar to Earl Grey, with a bergamot flavoring and citrus, but it also has lavender in it, which makes for a unique tea flavor.

Those bright purple bits are so beautiful in the tea.  We’re almost out of it, so it might be time to visit The Huckleberry again, darn.

So, occasionally I like to see what other people eat, and maybe you wanted to see what I eat too.  Really, I just like to talk about food and eating it.  Off to enjoy the day!


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