Louisville Farmers Market

After going out to breakfast this morning, the boyfriend and I checked out the Louisville farmers market.  We had never been before and decided to wander through it.  We came home with some fun loot from the market.

Local honey

Local and raw honey from Kiowa Organics.  We do love our raw honey, however expensive it is.

Local Boulder wine!  It’s made from Gewürztraminer grapes, one of my favorite whites to drink.  We’re going to save this for a special dinner we’re going to make later next week!

Cranberry Walnut bread

The bread and the pretzel were from Styria Bakery.

Cinnamon pretzel, tasted like a doughnut!


And, the best for last, french macarons!  I was just telling Steve about how I wanted one of these.  The pastry cooks at work make them as well, and they are my new favorite cookie.

Salted caramel


Lavender and dark chocolate

I really enjoyed shopping at the Louisville Farmers Market.  It was a lot less crowded than the Boulder one and felt much more relaxed.  I also got my knives sharpened there, which came in handy tonight when I was slicing lamb for 240 people.  I do love a good and sharp knife.  Off to bed!  I’m on brunch duty tomorrow, carving up some prime rib!


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