On Kitchen Confidence

Pizza station mise en place

Last night, I worked the pantry station.  I haven’t worked this station in a few weeks, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I was more than comfortable working there.  A few weeks ago, the thought of being left alone in pantry made me incredibly nervous.  The second someone left, I was certain that tickets would start spitting out of the POS at an alarming rate and I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the orders.  I’d find myself in the weeds and then my co-workers would judge me for not being able to keep up.  I’m not dramatic at all, in case you were wondering.

Salad station mise en place

Well, it would have been impossible for tickets to come spewing out of the POS last night, because it was broken.  That added an element of “fun” last night to the shift that I had not anticipated.  We managed to make it through the night in reasonable style, and I actually preferred to be left alone last night.  For the first time, I was 100 percent certain that I could run the pantry station with ease and that I would be more than ok by myself.  In fact, it was easier to run it by myself because it was easier to keep track of my orders.

Tuna tartare

I’ve been working at my internship for about 7 weeks now, and it’s about time to step it up and own what I do.  I’d like to think I did that last night.  One of my chefs put it to me this way after my horrendous happy hour shift on the line.

“Stay calm.  Ask for help before you need it.  Take it by the horns and own it.  Make this station yours.”

So I did.  And I have.

Chocolate mousse cake

Also, check out what I was carving at Sunday brunch!

Left, prime rib. Right, leg of lamb.  Colorado lamb too!


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