Bramble & Hare

One of my favorite restaurants in Boulder is Black Cat, and it just so happens that the owners opened a new restaurant right next door, Bramble & Hare!  It’s a gastropub type of place and is a less expensive than it’s next door neighbor.  The boyfriend and I went there last night for dinner and I was incredibly pleased with our meal.  They had a small plates menu, which we chose over the daily three course menu offered.  A look at what we had:

Farmer’s cheese with salted pistachios and basil, house made charcuterie, pickled cauliflower and house made mustard


Coffee infused braised brisket and grilled cheese with leeks and proscuitto and more house made mustard


Pork rib with wheat berries and onions in broth.


Panzanella. It had green olives and an anise dressing that made it very unique


Beet salad with wheat berries and greens


Sour cherry tart with fresh whipped cream


It was hard to pick a favorite dish, but today I am wishing I could have panzanella salad for lunch followed by the sour cherry tart.  The restaurant inside is very small, but has nice comfortable feeling.  The flatware and plates used were all very different and beautiful and the inside was decorated to make it feel like we were inside a barn, or a farmer’s house with haying smocks and old feed calendars hanging on the walls.  It was a very nice evening out for us and modestly priced.  Thanks, Bramble & Hare!








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