Post Vacation

Taking time off is nice, but it’s a rude awakening when I have to head back to work, and that work involves long, exhausting hours.  I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck, and then it backed over me again.  It feels like I was never gone.

Fava beans!


I did manage to make a pretty stellar dinner on Wednesday night for us that included lava beans.  I have never cooked with them and after chatting with some friends at work, I made them into a salad with arugula and pickled red onions and radishes.  The salad dressing was made from some of the pickling liquid, with a little dijon mustard and some extra virgin olive oil.

I served the salad with roasted chicken and smashed red potatoes.  The only way I could make this dinner was by not sitting down when I got home.  The second I sit on the couch with my computer, it’s all over and I lose all motivation to cook anything other than eggs and toast.  It was pretty nice to sit down to this meal together, since we both had super long days on Wednesday.

Dinner for two, and my feet

I had to do a competition for school on Thursday morning and my contribution to our group was this salad.

Grilled scallop served on top a bed of arugula and watercress, with a sesame chip, roasted red pepper and a lemon honey dressing.  It wasn’t anything to fancy, but it tasted good!  We only had two hours to cook, so I tried to keep things simple.

It’s been a pretty cooking filled week, but I did manage to get a run in this morning.  I ran every day I was on vacation and I wish I could continue to do that.  I feel so worn down when I work that it’s just not physically possible some days.  Any way, I was glad to get a short and relatively pain free run in this morning.

Indie likes to help me foam roll.

Happy weekend!






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