Peach Upside Down Cake

Peach season is taken pretty seriously here in Boulder.  Ask nearly any Boulderite about Palisade Peaches and they will tell you they’re the best peaches around.  There is always a line at the peach stands, and if you don’t get there early enough, no peaches for you.  You’ll have to wait until the next farmers market or settle for grocery store peaches.

I haven’t had the pleasure of eating a Palisade Peach this year, but I had some wonderful Missouri peaches when I was in Wisconsin.  My aunt and uncle brought them up and they were just gorgeous.  Perfectly sweet, the flesh giving and bursting with juice.  I think I ate at least two peaches a day while in Wisconsin.  My cousin, her husband and I took some of those peaches made this lovely Peach Upside Down Cake from Southern Living.

This was a super easy and really tasty recipe.  We even subbed all purpose flour for cake flour and we still ended up with a pretty light cake.  It helped that we sifted our flour.  The cake has sour cream in it, which contrasts nicely with the nearly-caramel butter and sugar that surrounds the peaches.  It also helps if you have a cousin who is very particular about the symmetry of things.  That’s Lynn’s handy work with the spiral of peaches on top.  Good work, Lynn!

I think I am going to try this same recipe with fresh cherries.  We still have a few pounds of cherries in the freezer from the boyfriend’s parent’s house.  I guess we’re trying to eat better though, so maybe I’ll hold off on the baking of sugary treats.  I shouldn’t sound so dismal about eating better, but then boyfriend said we should cut back on our pizza consumption.  Sigh.



2 thoughts on “Peach Upside Down Cake

  1. Thanks for calling us gorgeous and the peaches looked great too!!! We had a great time in WI and loved bite you prepared. Girl got skills!
    UG2 and Aunt L

    • Ha ha I didn’t realize I had written the sentence like that. It will stand the way it is! It was a pleasure to cook for you guys. Can’t think of a better way to say I love you than cooking a giant meal for the family!

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