Current Food Favorites

A list of my current favorite or interesting foods, because I feel like making a list tonight.

  • Peppadew Peppers  Have you had these?  They usually come pickled, and they are a beautiful vibrant red.  They’re a surprisingly sweet pepper too.  We make an appetizer at work that is these peppers stuffed with herbed goat cheese.
  • Green Grapes Cold grapes from the fridge taste amazing on a hot day.  I always crave grapes when it’s hot.  Frozen grapes are good, but I like the red ones frozen more than the green ones.
  • Smoothies I’m sort of lacking in the vegetable department these days, as all the vegetables at work are covered in butter.  Kind of defeats the purpose of eating healthy, but throwing some spinach in my smoothies is a super easy way to get some green nutrients in.
  • Tomato soup We went to the Kitchen Next Door on Saturday night and I had a giant bowl of their tomato soup.  Ever since then, I’ve been craving more tomato soup.  It was a perfect bowl of soup made with fresh tomatoes and prepared very simply.  There wasn’t even any cream in it.  Paired with thick, crusty slices of bread, it was a pretty perfect meal.  Anyone have a good recipe for tomato soup?
  • Bagels I used to think oatmeal filled me up for breakfast, but then I started eating bagels.  When you work a job when sometimes you don’t know when the next time you’ll eat is, or when your break will be, it’s important to eat dense, filling foods.  I am on a never ending quest to find a breakfast that lasts longer than 3 hours.  Hello, bagel.
  • Justin’s Almond Butter Packets See above bullet about not knowing when I’m eating.  Those packets fit quite nicely in my knife kit, and they’re extremely portable.  Despite the fact that one of my coworkers said it looked like I was eating seagull shat, I will continue to tote those every where.

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