Sunday, Funday

So far this morning, I have woken up to the boyfriend telling me not to use our bathroom because the toilet was overflowing (and backing up into the tub), driving somewhere to use a public restroom (but I drove to Moe’s bagels, so all was not lost), and have attempted to call maintenance “emergency line” several times.  Finally, someone responded and that was about an hour ago.  Sounds like the perfect start to a day off to me!

While I’m being bitter about my plumbing, I have been eating a bagel, going back to sleep, reading recaps of the men’s marathon and drinking coffee.  So, I guess it’s been an ok day, despite having less than stellar plumbing.  They also unlocked the pool bathrooms for us to use, so now we don’t have to drive to a gas station to use the restroom.  I’ve also been reading some interesting articles on food.  One of my current favorites is Mark Bittman’s article on eating dairy and heart burn, Got Milk?  You Don’t Need It.

This hits pretty close to home for me, as I get horrible acid reflux if I drink milk, or eat variations of it.  For a long time, I thought I was allergic to milk because my throat would feel like it was closing up every time I ate foods with cream or milk in it.  Now, after some trial and error, I have figured that I am just probably very lactose intolerant and have a list of foods I avoid.  My family is rolling their eyes right now, as I have tried every “special diet” under the sun to try to improve my digestion.  Gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, you name it.  In my defense, my nutritionist at the time said it sounded like I was allergic to dairy and when I was strict about eating no dairy, I felt great!

Two posts that I think are incredibly helpful for making filling salads for a meal are Gena’s “How To Build a Meal Sized Salad” and Katie’s “The Anatomy of a Salad.”  Both gals are quick to point out that most salads that we build aren’t dense enough to consist of a meal, but it can easily be done.  Gena talks about adding foods that are more calorically dense to salads to help with the length of our satiety after our meal.  Katie addresses how people often leave protein sources out of their salad, are left unsatisfied because vegetables aren’t filing enough on their own.  Both ladies talk about the importance of fat, which I love.  Fat shouldn’t be feared; fat is what will make your meal last longer and provides satiety.

Almonds may have fewer calories, according to an article on “The Salt”.  Sweet, so does that mean I can really load up on the almond butter now?  Probably not, but it’s nice to see research being done to more accurately provide information about nutrition of foods.

Here’s another reason that pie is so great, and will continue to be the front runner over cake in my opinion.  Check out this article about a woman who started baking pumpkin pie to help her family when they were on welfare.  My favorite line: “The care and love that went into that pie has become emblematic of how I approach life, and people in particular. It is the touch that says, ‘I took the time to do it to the best of my ability because you matter to me.’ ”  Making food for someone = I love you.

I agree completely.  One of the early dates the boyfriend and I had involved cooking.  He had me over to his apartment, where he cooked me a really nice dinner.  He really took the time to make me something special, and I could tell he put a lot of thought into the meal.  He’s a keeper, that one.

My dad always says that he knew he was going to marry my mom the day he went over to her apartment and saw her eating arroz con pollo leftovers.

“What are you eating?” he asked her.

“Arroz con pollo.”

“Did you make that yourself?”

“Yes, do you want some?”

He said after he ate that food and tasted my mom’s great cooking, he knew he’d marry her.  It’s a silly story, but food plays a big roll in our lives, whether you think so or not.

I’m still waiting for the plumber, in case you were wondering.  Happy Sunday!  I’ll return to posts with pictures soon, I promise!


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