A Send Off Dinner at Black Cat

The first time I hung out with my friend Alli, we made gingerbread men.  Both of our family’s made cookies around Christmas time, and neither one of us were at home, so we made cookies with each other.

First course: octopus, tulle with root puree and cucumber gelatin


We were friends from that point on.  We started making dinner together occasionally, and then it became a regular occurrence.  Both of us loved food, so it was pretty easy cooking together.

Second course: duck prosciutto, duck rillete and duck gelatin.


Soon, we discovered we both liked to run and started doing some runs together.  We’d run every Saturday morning on the Boulder Creek Path and then split a smoothie at the Farmers Market.  Eventually, we ran a marathon together, that brought us even closer.  Pain and extreme suffering can bond two people like that.

Trout with beet sauce, onions, zucchini and bacon.


Alli stayed with me the day after my surgery, and sat on the couch with me.  We watched three movies in a row, during which I got sick from my pain meds and was probably slightly hallucinating.  She spent so much time peeling that grapefruit for me, which I threw up, but good friend’s don’t mind doing things like that for you.


Pork with mystery red sauce. I don’t remember what it was. And POTATOES. Maybe the best potatoes I’ve ever had.

Cheese course, blue cheese, house made crackers and cherry jam


Alli is off on a grand adventure on the other side of the country, and I couldn’t think of a better way to send her off than at my favorite restaurant in Boulder.  Black Cat never fails me; it is a delightful and damn near perfect experience every time I go.  What wonderful food with a wonderful friend.  It was a perfect night.  Words don’t do any justice to the night we had.  So, here’s dessert.  And I’m lucky to have had such a amazing person in my life, and who will continue to be a part of my life, even if we don’t live next door to each other any more.

Chocolate semifreddo and peach open face pie.





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