Modes of Transportation

Check out my sweet rides lately!  Don’t be jealous; I know you wish you could ride around on one of these too.

The office chair.  It gets me too and from my kitchen if I need to carry food or drinks to the couch.  Also, Indie really likes it as a new sleeping perch.

The electric scooter.  Grocery shopping just got a whole lot easier and fun!  They are pretty handy for zipping around the grocery store.  I did almost take out a display in the middle of the floor.  Ooops.

Crutches are another way I’ve been getting around!

And finally, my favorite way so far to get around.  The scooter, powered by my good leg.  I actually feel the most mobile with this thing and feel like I’m actually getting some exercise with it.  I took it with my mom and the boyfriend for a lap around Wonderland Lake this morning and it was actually kind of fun to ride around on.

I also have a wheel chair, but I don’t have any pictures of that yet.  I think we’ll be using that for longer expeditions, like the farmers market.  I can’t just sit down for two months though.  It’s actually not as easy as you’d think to get around in a wheel chair.

My surgery went well yesterday, and I felt approximately 1 million times better after this surgery than I did my arm surgery in February.  Anti nausea medicine is my new best friend.  My out patient instructions told me to eat things like jello and broth after I woke up from anesthesia.  How am I doing?

Tacos with quinoa, romaine, chickpeas, kidney beans, and guacamole.

I alos inhaled some toast and scrambled eggs, a string cheese and some Mary’s Gone Crackers.  Really?  Who wants to eat jello after fasting all day for surgery?  Not this girl!  Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Modes of Transportation

  1. Sarah – I had not checked your blog since the last Black Cat post. What awful luck! We wish you a speedy recovery. You’re in our thoughts always.

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