My Cup (And Plate) Runneth Over

My mom left on Sunday morning, and I am still pretty bummed she’s gone.  It was nice spending so much time with her, even if I was a gimpy girl.  There is something infinitely comforting about having your family around, especially your mom.  My mom is always the first person I call when I am sick, injured or sad.  But, she might come back here in October while my dad is hunting, and that’s not too far away.  I’ll be in my walking boot by then too!

I am not without wonderful people in my life, despite my mom leaving.  After leaving me a little tearful in my apartment, my sister and her boyfriend returned a few hours later to come spend some more time with me.  We sat by the pool and watched Arrested Development.  We watched, “Ready, Aim, Marry Me,” which my sister has been telling me that now I am like uncle in that episode.  Have you seen it?  The paralyzed uncle gets carried around by another guy, instead of being in a wheel chair.  Every time the uncle wants to talk to someone, he says “Swoop me!” and the guy carrying him aggressively swoops him towards a person.  I couldn’t find a clip of that part online, but here is an equally funny part of that episode with the uncle in it.

My sister’s boyfriend’s parents made us dinner last night.  It was quite a treat and a really thoughtful thing for them to think of me while I am out of commission.  His dad made us an Italian casserole of sorts, with tortellini, rigatoni, meat sauce and little dollops of ricotta.  Served with a crusty baguette and some really tasty wine.

Really great wine from France


His mom made us tiny peach tarts.  These were perfect, cinnamon-y peaches encased in a light, flakey crust.  And they were personal sized and everything is always much cuter smaller, isn’t it?  I am so thankful that they made me such a nice meal.  I was really touched by their kindness during a pretty rough time for me.

Moving on to some other interesting food, have you seen these massive avocados in your grocery store?

In case you can’t tell, it’s covering my entire hand.  Steve says they look like dinosaur eggs, and I think they kind of do, now that I’ve seen them.  It’s probably twice the size of a normal avocado and they’re organic.  At 2.99 each, they’re not really inexpensive, but they were interesting to try.  Avocados are pretty expensive normally, so I’ll probably stick to the smaller ones.

And finally, fresh concord grapes!

The grapes are fresh from Steve’s parent’s house.  They have an abundance fresh fruit over the summer and early fall.  Right now, they have grapes and apples, three different kinds of apples.  We’ve been getting bags of apples every time we go visit.

Enjoy the week!


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