I found out the most glorious new on Thursday when I got my foot casted.

I love purple.

Introducing my new waterproof cast!  I can take showers (baths), go swimming in the pool and basically get my cast sopping wet and it doesn’t matter one bit!  This makes being in a cast slightly more bearable.  This cast is much harder than the splint I was wearing before, so it’s kind of uncomfortable.  It comes off September 27th though, so I won’t have to wear it for as long as I thought!  I took some pictures of my scar, but I’ll spare you.  That doesn’t sound like the most appetizing thing to put on a blog about food.

Speaking of food, I made some great veggie burgers this week.  Their main ingredient is red potatoes, which was much different than any other veggie burger I’ve had before.  I made Emily’s Vegetable Masala Burgers, which are a recreation of Trader Joes’ frozen ones.  I’ve never had the famous TJ’s frozen burgers, but apparently they are a hit with a few of the vegetarian bloggers I read.  There’s not a TJ’s in Colorado, although that might be changing soon!  I think there’s one coming to Boulder soon, and you can bet I’ll be shopping there.


The veggie burger in on top, slathered with ketchup and mustard.  I’m not usually a huge fan of ketchup, but it sounded good this week.  The potatoes were a great way to hold the burgers together and I also enjoyed the spices.  I added a little curry when I made mine and next time I think I will add cumin too.  The rest of my plate has bulgur wheat and spaghetti squash on it.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.  It’s not over yet!



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