Cooking: Bum Achilles Tendon Style

Surrounded by crutch marks on the scooter.

I found it highly amusing that someone found my blog by searching for “how to cook in a wheelchair temporarily.”  I’m not in a wheel chair, but I definitely have some struggles while cooking these days.  Of course I’m still cooking!  If I have to have limited daily activity, you can bet that I’m still doing the thing I love most.  Here’s some things I’ve discovered that make cooking harder or easier.

  • Sitting.  This one is probably pretty obvious, but sitting down makes things much easier.  Before I got my scooter, I would drag my office chair into the kitchen to make something.  Now, I can just park it on my scooter.  It’s tiring to support all your body weight on one leg, nor is it really safe to sway around the kitchen on one leg while being around hot things.  Do yourself a favor and find a place to sit.
  • Mise en place.  Thanks, culinary school.  Get out everything you need at once, so when you’ve found a comfortable position to cook, you don’t have to move.  It’s a real bitch to have to open the fridge when you’ve already blocked yourself in with the scooter.  Whether your handicapped or not, you should be doing this.  Mise en place makes everything easier when cooking.
  • Get rid of the cat.  Not literally, but I’d highly suggest not letting them into the kitchen.  I rolled backwards the other day and accidentally ran into the cat.  She was protecting the kitchen by sitting right in the entrance to it.  Make it a safe for yourself as possible, including eliminating the cat who you could trip over.  See also: Pyrex containers and their reaction to extreme heat.  She’s a tricky bastard; I never know where she’s going next.  You’re banished from the kitchen until I leave, Indie.
  • Crawling.  I am not ashamed to admit that I have done my fair share of crawling over the past three weeks.  Some times, it’s just faster.  It’s easier to transport food on a plate that way, or carry a drink that could slosh every where.  Do what you need to do!  I am fully aware of how ridiculous I look, and I don’t care one bit.  I just want to make it to the couch without spilling my food, ok?  Embrace new modes of transportation!
  • Enlisting help.  Ask for a glass of water.  Ask for help carrying food instead of crawling.  If somebody’s around, it’s not weak to ask for help.  Nobody expects you to be completely self sufficient when you’re hurt.  Having some independence is great, but if you just sat down on the couch with your food it’s ok to ask someone to get you a glass of water.

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