Scrambled Eggs

This morning, I actually had time to make real scrambled eggs.  Not cracking to eggs in a pan over high heat and swirling them around for 30 seconds, but real, fluffy scrambled eggs.  I actually got out another bowl, whipped the eggs, a splash of almond milk and mayonnaise together and cooked them low and slow.  Yes, I said mayonnaise.  I can’t claim credit for this idea, but I saw Ashely’s eggs and it sounded good.  Normally, I can’t really stand mayo, but we had a jar lurking in the fridge.  I think I thought egg salad with real mayonnaise sounded good this summer, I ate it once, and then remembered why I hate mayonnaise.

Despite my aversion and skepticism, I added to mayo to my eggs and it was a good decision.  I couldn’t even taste the mayonnaise in the final scrambled eggs, but it lent a very distinct creaminess to the to them.  Maybe I’ve found a use for the rest of the mayonnaise in out fridge!  I had leftover Indian food rice, frozen veggies and a veggie burger with my mayo eggs.  What is it about rice at Indian food restaurants that makes it taste so good?  There’s probably copious amounts of ghee in it.  And I noticed little cumin seeds in it too.

I also have one very important issue to discuss on the subject of mayonnaise and it’s pronunciation.  This is an on-going debate in my family.  My mom pronounces it like this: ma-naisse.  Her emphasis is on the “a”.  My dad pronounces it man-aisse.  There is no emphasis on the “a” and it sounds like “man” in the beginning.  This argument has been going on for years, to the point where my mom got out the dictionary one time to see how it was phonetically spelled.  I used to say it the way my mom does when I was little and now I say it like my dad does.  How do you pronounce mayonnaise?

Give Ashley’s eggs a shot, they’re super tasty!


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