Concord Grape Jelly/Sauce

Remember these?


A few weeks ago, I made them into this:


Because I used less pectin then I should have, this turned out more saucy than jell-y.  No complaints here though, it still tasted wonderful.  The vibrant skins make the sauce a deep purple that is not like any jelly I’ve seen in the store.  I opted for a little less sugar to maintain a small amount of tartness.  Your kitchen will smell like you’re in a fragrant concord grape vineyard while you make this sauce.


2 pounds fresh concord grapes

1 cup white granulated sugar

juice of 1/2 to one medium lemon, depending on your desired level of tartness

3/4 package pectin


1. Wash and take grapes off stems.

2. Place a plate in the freezer to chill.

3. Over medium heat, add grapes, sugar, lemon.  When grapes start to release juices and more liquid forms, reduce the heat to until the grapes are at a simmer.  Stir occasionally to avoid burning on the bottom of the pot.

4.  Add pectin to grapes and continue to simmer until grapes have fully broken down and have lost their round shape.

5. Place a drop of jelly on cooled plate and place back in freezer.  When jam is cooled, run finger through the drop of jelly.  If the jelly has cooked long enough, it will be thick and jelled as you run your finger through it.

6.  Strain jelly through a sieve and then pour into the jar of your choice.  Process, or let cool in the fridge.

Don’t do this.


It was only after I started making jelly that I realized that I didn’t really have a strainer to get the seeds out of the jelly.  I thought that using one of those strainers that holds tea leaves would work.  Nope, the holes are too small on that.  It was the boyfriend brilliant idea to strain the jam through my juicer piece that separates pulp from the juice.  It worked, but it was slow going.  Just go buy yourself a real strainer and make your life easier.


I had some grape sauce on this pumpkin breakfast bake I made this morning.  I still have about two pounds of grapes left in the fridge, any suggestions on what to do with concord grapes?


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