Saffron-Vanilla Snickerdoodles

This is the best cookie I have ever made.  I so wish I could claim credit for inventing this cookie, but I found it on Heidi’s 101 Cookbooks, who got the recipe from the new Blue Bottle Coffee cookbook.  I emailed this recipe to my mom on Saturday, and within hours, she was making them.  I still had no butter or vanilla in my house, so I had to wait for a few hours to try them myself.

The subtle undertones of the ruby threads saffron elevate this cookie to another level.  If you have never had saffron, I would describe it as a musky, and lightly floral scent.  It’s more of a background flavor, one that you taste at the end of a bite.  It is what gives Spanish rice its trademark bright yellow hue. I doubled the vanilla extract at Heidi’s suggestion, since I didn’t want to buy a vanilla bean.  I didn’t change any other ingredients and under baked them, giving them a fudgy and tender center.  It was worth waiting until 9:00 o’clock to try one.  If you buy saffron for nothing else other than this cookie, it would be wise decision on your part.  

Still playing with manual mode. One of my better cookie shots.

Thanks for the recipe, Heidi!


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