Cast Away, Cookie Day


Yes, this is an occasion worth screaming in internet speak.  I have a nifty walking boot with hinges, and I still have to use my scooter, but the cast has gone away!  Weeks ago when I started working, I told the guys in the office that I was getting my cast off on the 27th.  So, they wrote it on the calendar as a reminder.  Our daily conversations revolving around cookies finally came to fruition when someone suggestion that we all bring in a different cookie.  And then someone said we should bring it cookies today, to celebrate my cast being removed.  Thus, Cast Away, Cookie Day was born.

There was coffee cake too!

Giant sheet tray of chocolate chip cookie.

It was a delicious, sugar filled and cast free day.  I made Joy’s oatmeal cookies with creamy peanut butter filling, which were a hit.  There were no cookies left at the end of the day.  My other co-workers brought chocolate chip, sugar cookies with Rolos, coffee cake (for breakfast!) and chocolate chip cookies in a pan.  Everyone was jealous of our office because of our treats.  It’s not every day you get a cast off though; there was celebrating to be done!


I will say that I was pretty sad today because I thought I was going to get to walk out of the doctor’s office.  I don’t know why I thought I could suddenly put all my weight on my foot after not having any weight on it for six weeks, but my leg is free.  I don’t have to wear my boot in the shower or while I sleep.  I’m a that much closer to being free.  The best part is when I came back to the office from my doctor’s appointment and my co-workers were all so happy for me that I got my cast off.  Having that many people care about me made me feel pretty damn happy.

Handicapped only, please.


This handicapped sign is hysterical.  My office mate decided that I needed a handicapped sign to park my scooter in front of and proceeded to print one out.  That really made my day, because now I feel like I have a place in my new office.  So begins the next part of the Achilles journey and stretching out my weak calf muscles and tendon again.  But, at least I have cookies to cheer me up!


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