A List

This post.  It’s very honest writing on what women should really be prioritizing in their lives.  It’s a real woman’s perspective on the struggles women have with trying to achieve a certain body type.

 KT Tape.  I’ve used it on my knee and IT band and my new massage therapist used it on my bum arm.  It’s pretty sweet tape and I think it’s actually helping my arm.  

Check out their website.  They have great info and instructional videos.

My cat.  I don’t talk a lot about her on the blog for fear of looking like a crazy cat lady, but would that be so bad?  She is pretty cute, despite her digestive troubles and jumping on my head in the middle of the night.

Do you have to go?


Autumn.  I think it happened over night in Boulder.  There’s golden and ruby leaves everywhere and it’s just gorgeous.  I like hearing the leaves skip along the asphalt outside the window and how crispy the mornings have been.

17 days until I go to Las Vegas!  There’s a chance I may be walking by then, but even if not, it will still be a great vacation.  Any time I get to go away with my love is a great time to me!

Heading bed, hope your week has been well so far!


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