Favorite: Earl Grey Tea


This is a bergamot fruit and my favorite tea, Earl Grey, is flavored with this fruit.  It’s what gives the tea its very distinct floral smell.  This fruit grows in the south of Italy and the essential oil from it is used in Earl Grey tea.  In addition to its use in tea, bergamot oil is used to treat depression and is has anti-microbial effects can help strengthen the body against illness and colds.

All of that is pretty nifty information; I will use this an excuse to drink even more Earl Grey because the sniffles are going around my office.  But, really, I just came here tonight to tell you how much I love Earl Grey.  I have been drinking it for as long as I can remember and it is my favorite way to start my mornings.  Tea is a ritual that my mom and I have shared for a long time.  We used to drink Earl Grey together on chilly winter afternoons and she would make me a mug every morning to take to school with me.

My current favorite way to drink Earl Grey is in a cambric.  I heat almond milk and the tea bag together in the microwave and let the tea steep in the milk.  Add a touch of honey and it’s a pretty delicious way to start the morning.


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