Tuesday Dinner

We just finished quite the tasty dinner: spinach basil gnocchi from Papardelle’s, salmon and the Superfood’s Salad from Whole Foods.  Fast, easy and prepared by my lovely boyfriend, Chef Steve.  (He’s really the sous chef, but I’ll let it slide tonight.)  The salad had blueberries, carrots, red cabbage, raw sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes and acai dressing.  I’m probably missing a few ingredients, but it was great.  It was super crunchy and slightly sweet from the blueberries and the dressing.  Also, if you haven’t tried Papardelle’s fresh pasta, you should!  You can enjoy a high quality, fresh pasta on a busy week night.


Our wine of choice for the evening was Frog’s Leap.  It’s a very drinkable and has deep fruit  and earth flavors which make it a good choice for cool weather.  I drink my wine so slowly that Steve is usually on his second glass and I’m half way through my first.  I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’m a lightweight.

New kind of apple!

We tried a new kind of apple today too.  It’s called a Tango apple and it reminds me a lot of a Honeycrisp apple.  That makes sense because it’s a cross between a Honeycrisp apple and a Zestar apple.  It’s super crisp and juicy like a Honeycrisp, but has a very subtle flavor difference.  I quite enjoyed it and am looking forward to eating one for a snack at work tomorrow.


We’ve been winos lately!  We tried this delightful wine last week and I enjoyed this one a lot too.  Spicy was a the most predominate flavor on my nose.  I thought that this was pretty full bodied and flavor forward wine, another excellent choice for warming up on a cold day.  It was definitely a sipper for me!

I’ll leave you with a picture of me and the cat.  I had a little photo shoot with her the other night because she curled up right on my shoulder and it was pretty darn cute.


I’m probably a cat lady in disguise.  I’ve been asking for a second cat, but no dice.



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