Joy’s Brown Sugar Bacon Biscuits

Let’s assume you like bacon.  Let’s also assume that you like biscuits.  And brown sugar.  Then this is the trifecta of delicious!  This is Joy’s recipe, who’s always dreaming up some delightful baked confection.  These are the perfect combo of sweet and salty, from the brown sugar and the bacon.  It’s worth the extra time to cook up some bacon, slice it up and throw it in the biscuit dough.

Just don’t be an idiot like me and cook bacon in the oven on a pan that has no sides.  Despite my flawless logic, the grease did drip off the pan, onto the bottom of the oven and started smoking.  I smelled like campfire when I was done making these biscuits.  I did manage to avoid setting the smoke alarm off though.  A minor accomplishment in bacon cooking.  These are a good weekend treat, so buy yourself some bacon and butter and get to work!


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