An Old School Lunch

This is the most random lunch ever.  Between obsessively watching the first season of Homeland, I went to the store and ended up with this lunch.  This is very reminiscent of a lunch my mom used to pack me, minus the pickles and dried apricots.  Those are more recent additions to my lunch.  Peanut butter and honey sandwiches and Cheez-Its made frequent appearances in my lunch though.

Any ways, there’s no salad, or vegetables or really any thought put into this except for it was exactly what I was craving.  Dried apricots are one of my favorite fruits and I couldn’t remember the last time I ate Cheez-Its, so I bought some.  Peanut butter is pretty standard around here, but I usually have it for breakfast.  And pickles?  Well, I could eat a whole jar of those in one sitting.  A tasty lunch on a Sunday afternoon.  I have to get back to Homeland now, and it’s terrorist plot!


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