A Good Snack


I don’t buy a ton on Greek yogurt, but I like it. I like that it has tons of protein, but I can’t eat unflavored Greek yogurt without a little sweetener. I have found a different way to “sweeten” my yogurt now.

I made Heidi’s “Do It Yourself Power Bars” from Super Natural Cooking a few weeks ago. I was eating them just by themselves, but the last two days I’ve been crumbling them up into a container of Greek yogurt. The oats in the bar start to soften from sitting in the yogurt and the dried fruit adds the perfect amount of sweetness. If you don’t own Super Natural Cooking, these bars are really similar to the recipe I used. I was trying to use up all the random bulk bags of dried fruits and nuts we have, so my mix ins included:

  • cranberries
  • raisins
  • raw pumpkin seeds
  • raw sunflower seeds
  • tamari sunflower seeds
  • raw cashews

The tamari sunflower seeds are the best addition. It makes the bar a combination of sweet and salty and extra addictive. Next time I will add more tamari sunflower seeds. Try this snack! It’ll keep you going for hours!


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