An Achilles Tendon Update


I’m on my way to Las Vegas! I’ve been waiting to go on this trip for a long time and I’m excited that it’s finally here! What’s almost more exciting is that on Wednesday, I walked without the aid of crutches for the first time. The last time I walked was on August 15th. It is a strange experience to be upright after being hunched over for so long.

It certainly isn’t close to normal walking, but even the slow, limping shuffle I am doing now is way better than using my crutches or the scooter. My back and right leg were starting to get messed up from all the scootering. It was time to walk and walk I did. I still have to wear my boot when I walk and I have to wear shoes that match the height of my boot. I’ve been wearing my Danskos, which seem to be the only pair of shoes that match the height of the boot.

I am still a little ways off from walking all on my own, but even just to walk without any mechanical aid is exciting. The world looks very different when you are bent over and gimpy. I instantly felt more confident and more like myself when I could stand up right. I am looking forward to the day when I can wear two pairs of shoes.


I guess one of the perks to traveling with a bum foot is boarding the plane first. That and at security when they made me take my boot off to run I through the x ray machine. It wasn’t too big of a hassle; I found it more
amusing than annoying that they treated my boot so seriously.

I’m off to eat gummy bears and nap on the plane. When I wake up, I’ll be in Vegas. No matter how gimpy I am, this trip is sure to be fun. Happy weekend!


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