Brunch at the Bellagio

Welcome to Las Vegas!

Champagne at brunch? Don’t mind if I do!

I arrived here around 3 pm yesterday and was immediately whisked off to the rehearsal dinner for the wedding we’re attending today.  What a gorgeous location the wedding will be at!  I got to meet some more of Steve’s friends and watched them practice the wedding entrances and exits.  I’m betting that I will get a little teary when I see Steve in his tux.

We got up and went to brunch at the Bellagio this morning.  We had the champagne brunch which was fun; we are on vacation after all!  Buffets are always a little overwhelming for me, but I decided to stick with seafood this morning.  We don’t eat a lot of seafood because of its price, but I went to town this morning.

Clockwise on the plate I had shrimp, a small piece of beef tenderloin, a bran muffin, dried figs, pickled herring salad, cheddar cheese, calamari salad, smoked scallop and wild rice salad, cream cheese with lox, capers and a tiny bagel.  That was only plate one.  Lox are probably my most favorite food in the world and it was a real treat to have some this morning.  The pickled herring salad was incredible too; my dad used to eat pickled herring with crackers and I think I inherited his love of it.  Those smoked scallops were something else too.  Absolutely delightful!

Bran muffin with pineapple

I liked the presentation of this muffin with the paper around it.  The hunks of pineapple in the muffin were a delicious addition to it.  Next up were plates two and three.

The boys made fun of me for my massive salad that I made.  Am I the only person who gets excited by a multitude of ingredients to create a salad?  Probably, but the odds of us having this many ingredients in our fridge to make a salad are pretty small.  Yes, I still eat vegetables on vacation.

Clockwise: caramelized peaches, smoked trout, more pickled herring and udon noodle salad.  The smoked trout was good, but I liked the lox better.  The udon noodles were pretty tasty too, but the stand out here was the caramelized peaches.  They still had a little bite to them and were swimming in a perfect sauce.  I would have eaten more, but I was starting to get pretty full.

Now I’m just digesting all my food and waiting for Steve to get back with our rental car.  We need one to drive to the wedding later.  I’ve got me feet up and I’m staring up at a giant sign of David Copperfield, who’s picture I’m a little tired of seeing everywhere.  Is he really that cool?  I don’t know.  I’m so happy to be here and relaxing!

On the way up to the 9th floor.


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