An Engaging Dinner

We went to Bouchon on Monday night for dinner!  Definitely in my top five of meals I have consumed.  Aside from my mussels and fries being a touch too salty, it was a fabulous dinner.

Cheese course: Capri goat cheese, Etorki Basque Tomme
sheep’s milk, & Selles-Sur-Cher goat’s milk. With honey comb and Fiji apple.

French onion soup

Escargot with puff pastry toppers

Bucket o’ fries that came with my mussels.

Steve’s scallop entree

LEMON TART. The best I have ever had!

Chocolate mousse with burnt orange cream

It was quite the dinner!  I had mussels with my fries, but the picture turned out really dark; you’ll just have to take my word for it that the saffron butter broth they were in was incredible.  Also, the lemon tart.  Very few citrus desserts are more tart than sweet, but this one delivered.  If I wasn’t so stuffed to the brim, I would have eaten the entire thing.  It was a perfect meal.

So very happy!

And the best part of all; we got engaged at dinner!  We are so happy and I am a lucky, lucky girl!








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