Brunch at Tangerine

House-made chai

Yesterday was our anniversary, and we celebrated by going out to brunch.  Since we had quite the celebration on Monday, we kept it pretty low key today.  We just wanted to spend the day together.  Tangerine’s menu is very cool; it uses lots of local farmer’s products on their menu.  We are very lucky to live a town that has such an abundance of local vendors and farmers.  It’s always great to see their products being used in local restaurants.

I had the house-made chai, above, and the “Beans and Greens.”  Steve pointed that out almost immediately and said that it was a dish I would like.  He was right.


I can’t pick a favorite component to this meal.  The pinto beans were perfectly spiced and cooked.  The drippy yolks on my eggs made a nice, rich sauce for my roasted Autumn vegetables.  I also slathered that piece of toasted with a slightly bitter orange marmalade that rounded out the meal perfectly.  Steve had the brioche french toast with cinnamon butter, which he was pretty pleased with.  We didn’t partake in any adult beverages with our breakfast, but they have a really cool selection of mimosas that you can choose from.

We spent the rest of the morning grocery shopping and walking little Georgie.

South Boulder Rec Center

I made it all the way around the lake, which is just under a mile.  My bum foot kind of hurt at the end, but the more I walk, the better it feels.  I even walked the dog for a minute, but then he got really excited about a snow patch and wandered off the path.  My boot isn’t equipped with crampons (yet!), so I let Steve take over again.

Georgie and Steve, way out on the dock.

It was a lovely, chilly Autumn morning for a walk.  Words can not express how happy I am that I can walk again.  It feels so good to be upright again.

Happy pup and girl




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