Walking For Recovery

I just got done walking 1.5 miles.  This is a pretty big feat for me these days.


This is right around my apartment and I would frequently run around that lake and in the neighborhoods pre-injury.  Today, I just walked the above path.  It felt pretty great to be outside, in the sunshine and exercising a little bit.  This walk took me approximately 45 minutes, which is super damn slow.  Slow walking is better than no walking at all.  It’s actually good for me to walk right now, as it puts a little pressure on my tendon and helps it get stronger.

What’s weird is that the bottom of my heel starts to hurt, not my actual tendon.  Also, the muscles around my tendon hurt, but not the actual tendon itself.  I guess I didn’t use my entire foot for 7 weeks, so it make sense that all of it hurt.  Slowly, but surely, my left calf is getting back to it’s normal size.  My calf also has this very deep seated pain right in the center of it.  It’s going to be a while before my calf is even close to normal.

Maybe I’ll be able to do my walk faster by the end of this week.  I had an overwhelming urge to rip my boot off and start running though the grass barefoot.  Instead, I just got out my phone to distract me.  Heal up, Achilles Tendon.  We’ve got races to run next year.


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