Election Night

This election is a nail biter.   We were trying to watch Homeland with the TV on mute, but I couldn’t even concentrate on that.  I’m trying to distract myself by blogging, but this too is proving to be difficult to concentrate on.  I’ve eaten and seen some interesting food over the past few days, so let’s talk about that instead of politics.


Steve brought me home these crackers to try and I was pretty smitten with them.  The have an outstanding ingredient list of all foods I can pronounce and they are seasoned perfectly.  I was surprised at how little salt they had in them for how good they tasted.


I got a lot of weird looks eating these in the office, but I’m always eating weird things so I’m used to it.


I was roasting vegetables last week and when I was cutting into my beets, one of them need up being candy striped!  I love candy striped beets; I wish they would hold their stripes better when they cooked.  Their so very pretty and I hate destroying the stripes.  There’s butternut squash and Brussels sprouts on the pan as well.

Goat milk lollipop

I have yet to be brave enough to try this, but it’s lurking in my office drawer, waiting to be eaten.  I really enjoy goat milk, especially in cheese form, but for some reason this sucker really freaks me out.  Maybe it’s the color or maybe it’s just weird to think about eating a goat milk lollipop.  I’ll probably try it tomorrow.  Check back for a full report on the world’s weirdest sucker.

Sunday night beer

I tried a new beer on Sunday night that had some hoppiness to it.  The real news here is that I actually enjoyed it!  I’m what you’d call a pansy when it comes to beer and usually gravitate towards lighter, less hoppy beer.  Oddly, I enjoy a good stout though.  Any ways, I enjoyed this pale ale quite a lot.  It’s the Conniption Pale Ale from West Flanders Brewery.

Not food. Hi Indie!

My cat is cute and this is a silly picture of her.  There’s no real reason other than I think she’s cute that I included her in this post.  Well, time to watch a little more of this nail biter.  I’m trying really hard to stay up, but I’m getting really, really sleepy.  Night, night!







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