Erhard’s European Cafe and Bakery

Here’s a useful recovery tip on getting yourself to walk faster on a bum foot.  Dress completely inappropriately for the weather so that you’re freezing.  You don’t need that extra layer.  Don’t wear gloves so your hands are icicles.  Also, it’s an added bonus if it rains, forcing you to walk even faster. Recovery at its finest.  My walk this morning did lead me to Erhard’s European Cafe and Bakery, which was a delight.  I have walked by this bakery many, many times and never went in there until this morning.

Steve wanted bagels this morning and I wasn’t so keen, so I wandered into Erhard’s.  Oh my.  The smell alone should be enough to keep you in here and buy something.  Freshly baked treats, pungent espresso and a cute Polish woman behind the counter taking orders truly made me love this place from the second I walked it.  It’s brightly lit, with windows surrounding the entire seating area and the dark red walls make it feel extra cozy in there.

I had a really hard time picking out what I wanted, but I ended up with a strawberry rhubarb muffin and a pumpkin tart.  I was really tempted to get the raspberry tart or some apple strudel, or a giant, fluffy croissant.  It would be totally worth it to get a croissant here, as they probably make their laminated dough in house.  After making laminated dough at school and finding out how much work goes into making a croissant, finding a place that makes their own is a rare treat.

Strawberry rhubarb muffin


Bright red muffin!


The muffin was much more rich and sweet that the ones I make at home, and for that reason, it was lovely. The streusel topping with powdered sugar made it extra special.  Delicate tender crumb and a hint of rhubarb tartness easily made this one of the best muffins I’ve eaten in a while.  I haven’t dug into the pumpkin tart yet, but expect a full report when I do.


We might make it a new Saturday tradition to go here and support this tiny bakery.  Boulder doesn’t have too many bakeries like this one and especially ones that specialize in German/Polish pastries.  I’m off to do some baking of my own.  I feel inspired now!  Happy Saturday!


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