Sustainable Gift Wrapping Contest

Yesterday was quite the fun day at work.  We had our annual sustainable gift wrapping contest and we got fed Thanksgiving dinner fixings!  My department submitted the boxes above as our sustainable gift wrapping.  The boxes are wrapped with old ten-key calculator paper that has old calculations on it.  The black ribbon is the carbon copy of our label makers and the cut outs are from sample holiday cards from last year.  We also found some old red tissue paper from last year’s holiday party lurking in the back with the filing cabinets and cut out those stars from it.


My coworker and I ended up having the same idea about a bow on the top and we were pretty pleased with the results.  It actually turned out looking like a bow!  I decorated the middle box and oddly enough, found my name in one of the strips of carbon paper I was using.  I also recognized a lot of labels I’ve made over the past two months.

Fancy, fancy

After much debate, we decided to angle the boxes on top of each other instead of stacking them symmetrically.  We’re so artistic.

The Thanksgiving spread they set out for us was fantastic!  I tried green bean casserole for the second time in my life and it was all right.  It’s not something that my family eats on Thanksgiving and I didn’t like enough to try making it again.  Apparently, I’m non-traditional because my family doesn’t eat green bean casserole and we eat Thanksgiving dinner at normal dinner time, like six o’clock, instead of one or two in the afternoon.  We’re too busy doing the annual Thanksgiving seven-mile run to be eating that early!  (I’ll be drinking mimosas instead of running this year.  Darn.)

After much anticipation all day, they announced the winners of the gift wrapping contest and we won!

# 1!

Good job, boys!  Not bad for a bunch of number crunchers.  I love this time of year; it makes me so happy!  Off to start the weekend; enjoy yours!



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