Achille’s Tendon Update: The Journey Back to Walking

The Front Range. It’s an ok view, right? 😉

My PT told me to start walking around more in two shoes; as in not just around work but actually walking.  I could not be more thrilled!  Running is so deeply engrained in me as a form of mental healthy release and I have missed it terribly.  Walking will have to suffice for now.  Steve and I went and got Georgie and took him to the Dry Creek Trail yesterday.  It’s about a mile loop and flat; no uneven surfaces for me for a while.


WINDOW! I LOVE windows! Let me sit in your lap. I HAVE to be in the front seat to look out the window.

Poor Georgie and Steve and to walk at a snail’s pace with me while we were walking.  I kind of feel like a toddler learning how to walk for the first time.  One little twig or rock on the ground and suddenly I’m unstable and wobbling around.  It’s amazing how three months of not using my foot set me back so far physically.  I couldn’t even make it the whole mile!  We probably did about half of it before I called it quits.

Forcing Steve to take pictures. He has to get ready for engagement and wedding photos, right?

I was tired after our walk and my legs were twitching a little bit, like when you hike all day.  I’ll admit that I’m a little embarrassed and flustered by my lack of physical fitness.  It’s been a weird year with school limiting my time to run and then the Achille’s injury.  I’m just so damn happy to be walking again though.  I haven’t spent that much time outside in the sunshine for what feels like forever.  I’m going to try walking again today, but my poor foot is sore today.

The other thing I am slightly embarrassed about is the size of my left calf.  It atrophied way more that I thought it would, and it still looks small to me.  I’m a pretty short gal, but I’ve got calves that reasonably large.  My surgeon for my foot has commented every time I go in to see him how large my calves are, and how tight they are.  In fact, my scar is longer that most people’s with this injury because of my calf’s tightness.  I won’t go into much more detail to explain why it’s longer; look it up.  It gives me the willies thinking about it.

Nearly healed!

This goes almost all the way to the bottom of my heel.

I will show you some pictures of my scar now though.  It’s healed up enough to the point where I don’t feel gross sharing it on a blog that is mostly about food.  I never really realized how long it is until I put my shoes on yesterday and saw how far it extended.  Now I have glass scars on both of my feet.  When I was younger, I put my right foot through a window and have about six scars all around my heel.  Luckily, I miss my Achille’s tendon in that accident.  My friend said there’s a place that exists where there’s no sharp objects and glass…a mental institution.  Ha ha, I don’t think I’ll have to be committed unless I get into another accident.  Then, I will lose it.

Pretty damn close to the Achille’s.

I have a three day work week this week and then I’m headed home for Thanksgiving.  I haven’t been home since last Christmas and I can’t wait!





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