Giving Thanks

Grandma’s apple plates

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of any holiday throughout the year.  It’s centered around food, my family and enjoying a rare moment where all five of us are together.  My favorite part of the day when I was little was dinner, when we all sat around the table and ate together.  Thanksgiving is one of the few times throughout the year where we get to do that these days.

Monitoring turkey temp

My parent’s have this really cool thermometer that can stay in the oven and it will alert you when it reaches the temperature you want.  I supervised turkey temperature, made biscuits, peeled apples and showed my mom how to finish the green beans in oil and butter.  My dad even gave me the special privilege of carving the turkey this year, but now I know why he gave it up so quickly.  We never let our turkey rest long enough, so it is molten hot when you’re carving it.  My finger tips were definitely burned multiple times in the process of carving the bird.  I managed to work my way through it in good form though.

Cream cheese biscuits

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of my food last night because I was too busy enjoying the company of my family.  I haven’t been home since last Christmas and to me there is no better feeling than being with them.  Don’t mind if I celebrate being home with a few beverages!

Mimosas and Dad’s apple.

Mom’s specialty, pomegranate pineapple martini.

This year I am thankful for my family, Steve and my friends that have stuck with me through quite a long and stressful year.  I’m thankful for my kitty, even if she jumps on my head and barfs too much.  I’m thankful to have to ability to walk.  There’s many things to be thankful for and I’d say I’m a pretty lucky gal.  I hope Thanksgiving was great for you too!


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