Non Traditional Thanksgiving Activities

I usually do a lot of the same activities when I’m home, but my bum foot prevents me from doing a lot of them this year.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t been having a great time though!  I couldn’t participate in the annual Thanksgiving run this year, so I went with my dad to the airport and saw his plane he’s building.  It’s almost finished!

Highlander plane

He needs 40 hours of solo time before he can take passengers, so next time I’m home I can ride in it.  I can’t imagine how satisfying it is to fly in a machine you built with your own hands.

I was too nervous to ride our horse bare back with my foot, but Ellen managed to leap up there and take the horse out for a spin.  I still got to pet our horse and brush her out.  We’ve had this horse since I was in 7th grade, so she’s been around for a while.  She’s not as spry as she once was, but she’s still the color of a shiny, new penny.

Trap shooting!

I am by no means a great shot, but I really like to shoot trap.  My dad and I went to the range this morning and shot a few rounds of trap.  I shot the over and under .410 shot gun, which was super fun, but not great for shooting trap.  I tried my dad’s other gun, but it had a little too much kick for me.  I definitely got out-shot by a 12 year old girl, but it was pretty fun to watch her shoot.

No running or hiking for me this year, but my Thanksgiving certainly isn’t suffering.  I’ve had so much fun so far and we’ll see what tomorrow brings!



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