The High Protein Pancake


I decided to try out the high protein pancake yesterday morning after seeing Anne eat them a few times.  I was pretty skeptical; is it really a pancake if there’s no flour in it?  I’ll leave the exact definition pancake for you to figure out, but whatever you want to call this, it was actually really delicious!  It’s a relatively quick and easy week day breakfast (mine’s cooking right now as I type this) and none of the ingredients aren’t that obscure.

High Protein Pancake

1 banana

1 tablespoon of chia seeds

sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg

2 eggs

  • Mash up the banana in a bowl.  Add the remaining ingredients and stir to combine really well.
  • Heat a pan over low heat and spray lightly with oil.  Pour batter into the pan and wait about 7-10 minutes.  This pancake has to cook for a while before it’s ready to flip.
  • Serve with your favorite toppings and enjoy!


  • You really do have to wait a while to flip the pancake.  Go make some coffee or pack your lunch while it sets.  I’ve also found that covering the pancake with a lid while it cooks helps set the top too.
  • I used chia seeds because it’s what I had.  Anne’s original recipe calls for ground flax seeds, which might be a little easier to find.
  • This pancake is pretty low in calories, so toppings like nut butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, more fruit etc will help the pancake satiate you longer.

I’m off to go eat mine with almond butter and some Crofter’s Blood Orange jam.  Happy Friday!



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