Kombucha Two Ways: Pomegranate and Ginger


I guess it’s been a minute since I lasted blogged.  I just needed a break…and I haven’t been cooking as much recently.  I have been fermenting though!  I am pretty excited about this kombucha that I brewed over the weekend.  This was the closest I have ever gotten to store bought kombucha in regards to flavor.  I’ve been able to achieve the actual fermentation process and the carbonation aspect, but had yet to master a flavor that I really loved.  The photo below is my one of my creation: pomegranate!

IMG_1278I added roughly a quarter of a cup of pomegranate juice to this pint jar and then filled the rest with the kombucha.  Two and half days later, it was ready for drinking.  So, so fizzy and so, so delicious!  The tart and subtly sweet pomegranate juice was the perfect compliment to the kombucha.  It fermented just long enough to have the tang of kombucha that we all know and love, but still retained the taste of the pomegranate.  I was so very excited when I opened this; I love it when my kombucha is super carbonated.  It makes me feel like I’m actually producing something worth the time and effort I put into cultivating and fermenting my brew.


I also made a ginger kombucha which tasted almost identical to the GT’s Gingerade flavor, if you’re a drinker of that brand.  I added approximately 1 teaspoon of fresh grated ginger to one pint glass of half kombucha and half sugar tea.  (In the second ferment, I usually do a 50/50 ratio of fermented kombucha and sweet tea.  I don’t like mine super sour.)  I may have been a tad overzealous with the ginger, but it was otherwise very good.  The ginger flavor was well incorporated throughout the kombucha, despite it only fermenting for two and half days.  I think next time I make ginger flavored kombucha, I will juice some ginger and use that to flavor the kombucha.  It was a little much to crunch down on fresh ginger pieces.  It’s a work in progress!

If you’re interested in making your own home-brewed kombucha, I wrote a how to post when I finally figured out the best way to brew.  The process is a labor intensive, growing the mother and then first and second ferment, but so worth it.  I find it highly enjoyable though; the flavor experiments are fun!  It’s also a little easier on my wallet because it’s much cheaper to brew your own kombucha.

Half way though the week, here’s to Friday!


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