Indie the Cat



This is Indigo Charlie Parker Rambutan Steube the Third.  Really, only my friend Eliza understands this name.  I’d suggest that you don’t think too hard about it.  I got Indie in 2009, right after I graduated college.

She has “four legs”, but one in the front is smaller and deformed.  She’s been called “T-rex kitty” and our vet calls her leg a “chicken wing.”  I think it’s kind of cute.

Indie has a short tail.  A third of it is missing.

Her other front leg is messed up too.  Her paw turns completely outward like a duck foot.  Probably to compensate from using only one leg.

Indie likes to sleep…all. day. long. And then be a crazy kitty and night and run around like she’s possessed.

Indie’s no spring chicken; she’s 11, which I was told was middle aged for a cat.  She acts like an old lady though.

Indie has a irritable bowel, meaning she throws up a lot and requires special food and medication.  In fact, Indie and I are taking the same medication right now!  We’re both on steroids!

Sunshine kitty

Sunshine kitty

She’s a weird cat, but she’s ours and I love her.  Indie has been sick this week, sleeping under our sofa and not coming out all day, not eating, which is highly out of character for her, and generally just looking listless and sad.  Not normal Indie.  Today, we finally got the results back of all of the vet’s tests and everything looks good.  Indie just needs to go back on her meds.  She’s finally eating today and back to growling and hissing at our new cat.

She’s a crazy cat and sometimes incredibly frustrating with her special needs, but this week I didn’t care how much money I spent or what I had to do, I just wanted her to feel better.  I know one day it will be Indie’s time and she’ll leave me, but not this week.  Not so soon.  She’s still got some miles in her yet.  I can’t imagine my life without that funny, little waif of a cat.  Give your pet a hug and feed them a treat!  They deserve it!



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