Honey Mustard Tempeh


I love, love tempeh.  It’s my second favorite vegetarian protein to eat.  (Chickpeas will forever be my most favorite plant protein.)  I could eat tempeh directly out of the package, but it really shines when it’s roasted.  Tonight, I coated ours with honey mustard dressing, from Katie’s blog.  The only thing I did differently was add a splash of apple cider vinegar to give it some acid.  I like my dressings pretty acidic.

It was delightful!  The tempeh got golden brown with toasty edges and had the slightest hint of mustard.  I let them go slightly too long in the oven, which turned out to be a happy accident because the bottom was covered a delicious crust.

IMG_1331I ate the tempeh with quinoa and massaged kale salad.  That’s pickled ginger on my plate with the tempeh and quinoa.  It’s part of my plan to incorporate more anti-inflammatory foods into my diet.  The kale salad had the juice of half a lemon, shredded cabbage, black olives, a glug of grapeseed oil, a whole avocado and a generous sprinkle of salt.



Delicious, healthy and vegetarian.  I’m not completely vegetarian, but I really like eating plant based meals like this.  It makes me feel invincible!



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